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A portrait of Jeff Loughlin Jeff Loughlin is a computer programmer living in Downingtown, PA. I enjoy camping, fishing, jeeping, baseball, music, photography, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy programming in C and C++ under Windows and Linux, as well as iPhone/iPad programming in Objective C. I'm mostly a software guy at heart, but the occasional hardware hack is not out of the question, as I dabble a bit in electronics and sometimes even mechanical engineering. Web/HTML programming isn't really my thing, which is why this site is all text based and doesn't contain any javascript or anything else fancy. I believe in simple, no-frills web pages that get right to the point.

This is my home page. Here you will find information about me, how to contact me, any software projects and hardware hacks I'm currently working on, and other general geekery. I have my hands in a couple of different open source projects right now, and I'll link you below to the appropriate home pages for each of those projects. The local links under "Software and other stuff" are just some silly outdated windows applications I wrote a long time ago when I had free time (read: before children). They may or may not still work under current versions of Windows. Follow the links under "Open Source Projects" to see the kinds of things I'm working on now.

Besides computer and electronics-related stuff, my other main hobby is photography. You can find some samples of my work at a few of the sites linked below. I like landscape and macro photography best, and of course my kids are high on my list of favorite subjects too. I buy most of my photo gear used on ebay. That way I can try it out and then resell it if it doesn't suit my needs.

When I'm not hiding behind a camera or a computer, you can find me playing trumpet in The West Chester Swing Kings, an 18-piece swing band. We play concerts, dances, weddings, and other special events all around the Delaware Valley, so be sure to visit the band page if you're looking for some good entertainment for your next event. Click on the picture of me at the bottom of the page to take you there.

Where to find me on the internet:

Jeff Loughlin's Google+ Photo gallery
Information About Me page
My PBase Gallery
My Photo.net gallery
My flickr Gallery
My Photobucket Gallery
Stack Overflow - Q & A site for programmers

Software and other stuff:

Software by Jeff Loughlin - Geek Clock (Desktop clock for programmers)
Weekend Countdown

Open Source Projects I'm currently involved with:

Linux kernel development
Core Plot, an open source graphing/charting library for iOS
Stats Monger, an open source statistical library for unix-based development. I'm not heavily involved in the development of this one, but I know some very smart people who are. I did some early optimization and tweaking of the code, and I've given them all the server space they need for their testing platform, but that's the extent of my involvement - the rest contains too much math for me... This is a very worthwhile project being put together by some of the best mathematical and programming minds in the industry, so check it out if you need a stats library for your next project.

Open Source Projects I've been involved with in the past:

Audacity, an open source sound recording/editing platform
LMMS, a cross-platform music studio suite

Open Source Projects I hope to get involved with as soon as I find the time

DigicamControl, an open source DSLR control application. I have yet to find a commercial alternative that I'm happy with, and I've played around a little bit with creating one of my own, but never had the time to devote to writing one. This looks like a cool project that could turn into something really useful given enough developer resources - if I can find the time, I'd love to help out with this one.

Useful Jeep writeups:

Adding a transmission temperature gauge to your Jeep
Fixing an exhaust manifold crack with ThermoSteel
Silencing the seatbelt chimes

Geek stuff:

Useful shell scripts (unix)
How to examine IRPs with LiveKd (Windows)
Debouncing a switch on an AVR Microcontroller - because I have to do this all the time and can never remember how...
Bit Twiddling Hacks - Clever hacks for manipulating binary numbers

General stuff that doesn't fit into any other category:

Contact me:

   Jeff Loughlin, Computer Geek
   Downingtown, PA

Read about why my emails are digitally signed (and why yours should be too).

Photo of Jeff Loughlin playing the trumpet
Jeff Loughlin

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Note 2: I'm not this guy. We just happen to have the same name. I'm also not this guy or this guy, or any of several other Jeff Loughlins out there. Just so we're clear. I get contacted frequently by people looking for those guys. They're way more popular than I am. I'm just me.

Last update: April 4, 2018